Friday, December 5, 2008

Beautiful Riverwood Mansion

Last night I assisted friend and wedding coordinator
Emily Humphries (Simply Yours Weddings)
at Riverwood Mansion - one of the most beautiful historic homes in Tennessee.
In 1798 Alexander Porter came to Nashville from Ireland & opened a linen business on the town square. Later, on a trip several miles outside Nashville,
he became sick & was taken in to the nearest plantation. When it was time to travel back home he took Susan, the daughter of the family back as his bride.
(Sounds like a fairy tale!)
He purchased 2,500 acres outside Nashville on the Cumberland River. There he built his large mansion & named his estate ‘Tammany Wood’ after his home in Ireland. The Porter family owned ‘Tammany Wood’ until 1860. Then it was bought by William Cooper, of another prominent Middle Tennessee family.

It was renamed Riverwood & remained in the Cooper family until 1975.
Riverwood has seen it’s share of important people. The list includes presidents Jackson, Polk, Pierce, Johnson, Cleveland, Roosevelt, and Taft. Robert Penn Warren, the 1rst US Poet Laureate stayed in one of the cottages one summer while at Vanderbilt. At the turn of the century, the owners began giving their once a year party at Christmas. All of Nashville elite vied for an invitation.
Once given, the invitation was for life.

(Wow! Don’t you know there was some nasty cat fights over that !)
Lucky for us, we don’t have to be a Unites States president to visit Riverwood. It’s one of the most beautiful places to be married in Middle Tennessee.
The grounds are expansive & beautiful. The inside is decorated with very little furniture, which is perfect for a wedding. The wall, mantels, mirrors, etc. are tastefully and minimally decorated - purposely allowing the mansion to be what you see when you visit - not things. There is a very large enclosed pavilion/tent in back of the mansion. And the staff is helpful & extremely nice.
Love the place !!! I tried channeling the spirit of Alexander Porter on the porch of the mansion, but to no avail !
Guess he was scared off by the crowd. Oh well, maybe on my next visit.


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