Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And The Oscar Goes To...

To celebrate OSCAR week,
why not have your bridesmaid for a sleep over.
This would be a perfect time for introductions
for those who haven't met &
to go over wedding plans you've made so far.
Have some great snacks & watch 'wedding' movies all night.
Hollywood is not the only place that appreciates a good film!
My personal favorites:
1- 27 Dresses
2- The Wedding Planner
3- American Wedding
4- The Wedding Date
5- Four Weddings and a Funeral
6- Father of the Bride (remake)
and don't forget the classics:

1- Father of the Bride (1950 original) Elizabeth Taylor & Spencer Tracy
2- It Had To Be You (1947) Ginger Rogers & Cornel Wilde
3- Philidelphia Story (1940) Katherine Hepburn,
Jimmy Stewart & Cary Grant
4- High Society (1956 remake of Philidelphia Story) Grace Kelly,
Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra
5- Funny Face (1957) Audrey Hepburn & Fred Astaire
6- A Catered Affair (1956) Bette Davis & Debbie Reynolds
7- Royal Wedding (1951) Jane Powell & Fred Astaire
8- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) Jane Powell & Howard Keel
9- It Happened One Night (1934) Claudette Colbert & Clark Gable
and just for fun...
9- Bride of Frankenstein (1935) Elsa Lanchester & Boris Karloff


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