Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Murfreesboro Wedding

How much do I love Emily Humphries?
So much that I'd soak in a Tennessee sauna for hours for her.
And that's exactly what it felt like last Saturday.
Jacqui & RJ were married at Jacqui's home on the outskirts of
Murfreesboro on a near-record-breaking hot day.
The humidity was incredible. The heat was unbelievable.
But the wedding was beautiful.
I assisted Emily with this wedding of 250+ guests (my best guess).
The line up for the seating compares to fans entering Titan Stadium.
Seriously. That's what it looked like.
And in between the guests was Lady, the family dog,
running around with obvious wedding excitement.
Like a game she ran in & out of legs &
slipped from hands reaching out to
grab her to take her back in the house.
Finally, she took refuge under the deck within ear shot of the activities
but away from the dreaded confines of the house.
At the time I remember thinking that I wish I was Lady.
Maybe if I ran around barking would someone
tie me up inside the house under a fan?
Funny what a heat stroke will do to your brain -
makes you hallucinate & think crazy thoughts!!!
The ceremony was touching as Jacqui & her father
approached in a horse drawn carriage.
Later drinks were served then seating
under the tent for dinner & dancing.
Hours later, I slipped around to the cake &
had not 1, not 2, but 3 slices.
Mercy me. Those gals at the
Bake Shoppe sure can bake!!!
Love you Em.
Rain or shine. Hot or cold.
I'll help you in any kind of weather.
Now that's true love folks!!!

even the frogs tried to keep cool...

bridesmaids waiting their turn...

my friend Lady...

and me with my other friend Emily...
Murfreesboro wedding


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