Monday, June 29, 2009

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler !!!

June in New Orleans is like no other place.
Oppressively hot but enticingly intoxicating.
Here's my take on my weekend & Jennifer & Philip's Wedding...
~On Friday, a bridesmaid luncheon was held at
Ralph's on the Park, given by Jennifer's Aunts.
Ralph's on the Park is in a renovated historic building
overlooking the City Park.
A resturant of the famous Brennan family
so there's no doubt the food is excellent.
The bar was set up outside on the balcony
which gave a perfect view of the City Park entrance
& the Spanish moss covered oak trees beyond.
We were served Mimosas, Bloody Marys, or wine before lunch.
Lunch was Seafood Gumbo (of course), Shrimp Remoulade Salad
& a sinful Chocolate Cake with Brandied Cherries,
Fudge Sauce & Double Cream!
Everyone raised their Champagne glasses to Jennifer
before heading off to our hotels to get ready for the weekend.
Let the good times roll !!!
Jennifer's Bridesmaid's luncheon menu...

balcony overlooking City Park...

Jennifer & her lovely Bridesmaids...

Jennifer & Philip were married at
The church was perfectly decorated with white lilies,
Jackson vine & the largest white roses I've ever seen in my life.
The historic church was beautiful & the wedding party
looked straight out of Vogue magazine.
large white lilies, roses & Jackson vine...

the wedding party...

the handsome Best Man...
~The wedding reception was held at the New Orleans Country Club.
Stunning. Old South. Grand.
Just some of the words that come to mind.
The women were dazzling in their gowns
& the men were handsome in their white dinner jackets.
Was that Blanche DuBois I saw disapearing into a room?
Maybe not but I'm sure I saw Tennessee Williams
with a Bourbon in one hand,
a cigar in the other & dressed in an all white tux.
But then I do tend to hallucinate in hot weather!
newlyweds Sarah & Aaron Smith
Matron of Honor & Best Man

~The 10 piece band was phenomenal.
The 3 lovely ladies as the background singers
were elegant in their sequined gowns
& the 3 singers in front had voices like butter.
Classic Motown sound w/a little Cajun thrown in for spice.

~An open bar was in each of the 4 enormous rooms.
Anything & everything you would want to chase away the heat.
Want it mixed? You got it.
Want it straight? You got it.
Want it domestic? Want it imported? You got it.
Want wine? Want champagne? You got it.
And with the sharply dressed Bartenders at your beck and call.
~In 2 of the largest rooms was the food.
In 1 room was an enormous poached salmon
& smoked salmon with all the extras.
Chilled steamed asparagus with Parmesan lemon butter.
Then extra extra extra large gulf shrimp. All beautifully displayed.
Next room was a mashed potato bar & a deep fried burrito bar.
Huge silver platters of fresh mozzarella cheese & tomatoes
with drizzles of basil olive oil, quiches & other delicious tiny things.
~The Bride's cake was magnificent.
A vanilla cake with an almond flavored icing.
Again, giant white Roses & Hydrangeas between the layers.
As a last jab to his Ole Miss graduate brother,
the Groom who's an LSU graduate,
had his cake made into a replica of Tiger Stadium
with the fantasy score - LSU 53 - Ole Miss 3 -
Bride's Cake Charm Pulls...

the Groom's cake...

~The Groom was handsome & enjoyed himself enormously.
The Bride was lovely beyond words.
A classically beautiful blonde in a classically beautiful gown.
She wore a cathedral length lace veil -
an heirloom passed down
through multiple generations on her father's side -
as well as the pearl choker she wore.
Jennifer & Philip left in a classic car that belongs to Jennifer's father.
New Orleans wedding
Congratulations Jennifer & Philip


Debbie in Nashville July 16, 2009 at 10:53 AM  

What a beautiful wedding and I just love those cakes!

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