Monday, June 15, 2009

Burdick Chocolates !

"If you are not feeling well, if you have not slept, chocolate will revive you.
But you have no chocolate! I think of that again and again!
My dear, how will you ever manage?"
~ Marquise de Sévigné - French writer and lady of fashion

all photos property of Burdick Chocolates
I love New Hampshire.
I've seen the famous White Mountains...
I've tasted & eaten my weight in fried clams...
I've visited Wentworth-by-the-sea...
and I've seen the seacoast.
I thought I knew everything there was to know about New Hampshire.
I've recently discovered another important New Hampshire resource -
Burdick Chocolates.
The people at Burdick Chocolates are VERY picky.
Starting with the cocoa.
They buy only from Grenada where the cocoa farmers grow the cocoa trees
with very little if any fertilizers & pesticides.
They use French and Swiss techniques- but of course!
They make their artisan chocolates in small batches to insure perfect blending of ingredients - no assembly line at Burdick Chocolates!
And the shipping!
You would think that you're getting a rare piece of art flown in from Europe.
In a way you're are.
When my chocolates arrived by FedX, it was like Christmas morning.
The chocolates were carefully place around ice packs!
Wow! Ice packs!
I didn't know businesses still took so much care with their products.
Anyway, each box was filled with chocolate gems -
truffles & bonbons of dark & white & decadent cubes of hazelnut gianduja.
Magical. Decadent. Mysterious. Luscious.
And the cutest mice & penguins you've ever seen.
Yes, tiny mice & penguins.
They're made especially for gifts & favors out of chocolate & almonds.
What a rare treat for the wedding party or favors for guests.
Your guests will know they're getting something special - not just generic chocolates.
These babies shout class !
The mice & penguins are carefully boxed for presentation &
a very tiny satin ribbon in your color choice is added as the mouse tail.
Then they're boxed & a bow is tied in another size & color ribbon - again your choice.
When your chocolates arrive, everything is ready to be presented to your guests.
You don't have to do anything. Just order.
Then sit back & listen to the ooos & ahhaas.
On my next visit I'm skipping the Wentworth,
the White Mountains & the seacoast.
I'll still have my fried clams but afterwards I'm headed to
L.A. Burdick Chocolates - New Hampshire's best kept secret !!!
Check out their website:

don't forget Father's Day - these penguins would be a perfect treat!
Burdick Chocolates
check out the mice tails & the ribbon


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