Monday, June 1, 2009

Nashville Farmers Market

Check out the Nashville Farmers Market.
You'll find flowers & ferns to decorate your wedding ceremony & reception.
You'll have a better selection, pay less,
& you'll be supporting local Tennessee farmers & growers.
Most vendors will be there from early spring until early June.
I was there Saturday & noticed only a few vendors left
but many will be returning late summer.
I met Annette Kell owner of Sunrise Nursery & Ground Covers &
stocked up on geraniums for my planters.
She & her husband have numerous acres in McMinnville &
will be busy this summer in preparation for the fall harvest.
Annette will be back at the market in late summer w/a huge selection of mums.
Anyone can place orders now for mums to be picked up in Sept. & Oct.
For an early fall wedding potted mums in brilliant fall colors would be beautiful.
Give her a call at 931.668.3898 or 931.607.6397.

looking south - a view of the capitol in the background
Under another shed you'll find almost any vegetable & fruit you could eat.
I love to walk around here just to look at all the home-grown produce.
The best place around to get good Tennessee tomatoes.

look closely at the little lady in the pastel blue dress & bonnet. so sweet.

Garden of Babylon (adjacent to the Farmers Market)
is my favorite place to buy roses, perennials, herbs,
& the best selection of pots in any size & color.
The Gerber Daisies & Orchids would be perfect for wedding decoration.
You'll save a bundle buy buying at Gardens of Babylon.
Check their website before going -
they sometimes have coupons to print.
They also have a great selection of tree roses -
great for that summer wedding.

And now for a little history:

The Nashville Farmer's Market has been in downtown Nashville since the early 1800's -
and always somewhere close to the capitol or around the downtown public square.
In the beginning, local farmers brought their produce to
the City Hall & Market House that was built on the west side of the downtown square.
I can imagine that it was a very busy place at that time - probably a very social part of the day.
The Market would be overflowing with vendors & during busy times,
according to local history,
farmers would have to line up wagons around the square four or five deep.
In the '30s, several government houses including the Market House
were demolished to build a new Davidson County Courthouse.
A new Farmers Market was build on the north side of the public square.
After another move in the '50s the Farmer's Market
finally found it's home just within sight of the Tennessee capitol.

Visit the Market when you can. You'll be taking part in a 200 years old Nashville tradition & supporting our hard-working Tennessee farmers.


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